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WELCOME, WELCOME ONE AND ALL, AND WELCOME TO THE HOME OF THE MAGICAL PUPPET THEATRE OF THE DRAGONS OF WYE-TEN!We are a family run puppet theatre supplying whole days of wonderful medieval styled mayhem, full of jousting knights, princesses to be rescued, castles to be stormed, floaty fairies and our speciality, fire-breathing, sword fighting, yet very friendly dragons!Returning Clients this year include: Blenheim Palace, Arundel Castle, Hedingham Castle and National Trust properties amoungst many other treasured clients.FOR 2016 - WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENTMedieval Mayhem - 5 x 30 minute performances daily - two puppet shows on stage, and interactive show and two dragon walkabouts.Little Rabbit Nursery Shows - suitably short introduction to live theatre for children aged 2 - 4.5 in Nursery settings with soft puppets in a soft puppet theatre. Come Sing the Musicals - 45 minute performance with the full sized human puppet family of singers just perfect for the older audience in Nursing and Residential Homes.

Llel with the Pondscum cake

Monster as the Sheriff of Nottingham

the Royal Family of the Interactive Show

Sir Nicholas and Storm

Llelowyn breaths fire on his 180th birthday

Our replica 14th century puppet theatre at Blenheim Palace

a note to new enquiriesWe are most sorrybut we are already fully booked for 2015

We are pleased to announce that as of the final performances on the lawns of the beautiful Castle of Chirk on 17th July 2016the Dragons have taken their final bow and retired to live peacefully by the sea on the south coastWe would like to thank every single client who has ever booked us and helped us to become one of Britian's premiere touring medieval puppet theatres 

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